15 Things Kim Kardashian Spends Her Billions On

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Kim Kardashian is a billionaire and knows how to spend her money. She just recently bought a private jet for $95 million and spent another $45 million decking it out to her liking! Now that’s what we call luxury. In her house, you can find gold-plated toilets and even beds built for a queen (we mean that literally) costing about $1 million total. But Kim also knows how to bling out…on grillz that is , custom-made for classy effect. And speaking of bling, Judith Leiber has been a longtime favorite of the family, so it’s no wonder that Kim would drop some serious dough for Judith Leiber for her sister, Khloe. Among Kim’s more extravagant purchases (albeit, even a little controversial) was her private island 40th birthday bash that was the envy of all locked away in quarantine. And ever the collector, Kim has had no problem throwing down cash on items such as Jackie Kennedy’s watch or Michael Jackson’s black velvet jacket. With a fleet of luxury vehicles designed to match her house, Kim seems to have everything…not just a specially designed, no-back-splash marble sink. With a beauty team on hand, the mogul spends nearly $200,000 a month to look good…but hey, it pays off. But Kim can also be generous, as the businesswoman gifts about 10% of her income each year to charitable causes and has given nearly half a million to wildlife relief. Among her higher-profile donations is paying for five years worth of rent for former inmate, Matthew Chales.

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00:15 Grills
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02:15 Luxe Beds
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03:17 Jackie O’s Watch
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04:21 LV Trashcans
04:57 Glam Team
05:36 Bathroom Sink
06:14 Hermes Bag
06:49 Fleet of Cars
07:20 Eggplant Purse
07:56 Private Jet
08:42 Charity
09:24 Acrylic Crib

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