Bike & AWM Deliveries for chocoTaco and Swagger – PUBG Taego Duos Gameplay

More list-form descriptions, because that’s all I have the mental capacity for today:
– School is easy
– alright, these two are adorable now that they’ve been playing together for 4 years and know each other’s every thought
– no vehicles deja vu
– thank you for the vehicle delivery, even if it is a 3-seater
– wow, don’t ever question Swag’s calls, choco. the nerve.
– Apex circle chunk talk
– choco should be ded
– no, Swag, it’s called an “A-Dub,” not an “A-Ss”
– they’ve been out in the blue so long, how have they not run into Bob?
– choco’s having a big problem with nades landing at his feet
– choco sounds like he’s in a wind tunnel with no wind, and Swag has definitely changed
– this is such a bad push, but choco likes it
– only 6 AWM bullets left
– a game of big dips
– “Yock?” no no, that’s a rock, choco

Enjoy! – Beth

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